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I take metformin, but I've only been taking a low dose once a day, but I can bump it up to twice a day. Before I was pregnant I was taking 1000 mg twice a day but they made me stop when I reached twelve weeks. I'm a little disappointed with my Ped. The nurse I spoke to last night was pushing formula without ever seeing the baby. I don't care if it hard for me. I still want to breastfeed my DD. I'm glad that you have success with the metformin and reglan. I'll ask the pediatrician about the reglan. They didn't have room for us to go in this morning so another nurse is supposed to call me this afternoon. I started taking fenugreek yesterday. Taking two pills three times a day. The baby is nursing on the right side now. She only wants to be in the football hold on this breast but ill take what I can get.
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