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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (December)

UGH my family. Gah. I do NOT need this today.

So my sister calls me and asks what I'm doing. I told her that I'm working. Then she said, "Mom wants to know if you're having any contractions." AAAAAHHH!!! I didn't even say anything. I hung up on her. I texted her later and told her how my day's been going, emotionally, and then she said something about the longer a baby bakes, the smarter they are, and that maybe he'll be born on my nephew's birthday (which is 1/6 or something).

I talked to my mom a day or so ago, when she asked twice in one day if I was having contractions (via text), to please not ask me that anymore, and she's been good about that. So given what my sister said, I texted her this afternoon, too, and said, "I have been hear tears all day today about not being in labor yet and I am in no mood at all to discuss it with anyone, so please don't ask anymore either directly or having (sister) ask. All it will do is make me cry." She said that she didn't ask my sister to do that (which could very well be true, given some of the things this sister has done in the past) and told me to breathe. She said that they're just excited for me and to not be sad.
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