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Re: Why give Vitamin K at all?

It is not simply a clotting issue to be considered if circing - babies are born with low levels because mom's k level drops off in the 3rd trimester and there is not enough passed through to baby, even with therapeutic dosages, to boost the baby's level to prevent brain hemorrhaging if the baby has a hemorrhagic disorder. Most babies do just fine, I think the danger is something like 1 in 2,000. But that said, if baby has an issue (despite being born full-term, without other risk factors such as prolonged or rapid birth, c-section, etc.) you probably will not know there is an issue until the brain bleed had already happened.

That said, vitamin K in its natural state and in an oral dose is not in any way harmful. In that fragile, "risky" period between when baby is born and when therapeutic dosage to mom results in high vitamin K levels in breastmilk, oral vitamin K (and the real stuff, not the synthetic crap) is a perfectly safe, convenient way to buy baby a little extra protection from brain bleeds.

Would I give it to my newborn at the moment of birth? No, because the first thing in their gut should be colostrum, but I do give it orally because it is simple, natural, and harmless, and could potentially prevent severe brain injury or death. I am not in any way a "nature is broken" kind of person, but this one just makes sense. That said, if I had the choice between the shot or nothing at all, I would do nothing at all. Thankfully though I am part of a community of educated, intelligent and resourceful people who respect babies and their peaceful passage into this world, and we have access to oral vitamin K1.
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