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Re: Homebirth Prep.

Originally Posted by Lammy View Post
My midwife says depends are a must in case your water don't want to be walking around with a towel between your legs and when the depends gets wet just throw them away and get a clean dry, if you don't end up needing them you can always return them to the store for your money back.
A pad will do the same thing .

We did the shower curtain (Ikea)/sheets/shower curtain/sheets also. We hated sleeping on it, so we took it off until I was actually in labor. Ive never had my water break until 10cm, though, so I wasnt worried about it breaking in my sleep and ruining my mattress or anything.

I just wore the clothes I had on that day, nothing special. With both of my homebirths, I was starting to push when the MW suggested I take off some clothes, lol.

Our midwife asked us to have a rimmed-baking sheet for her to get her stuff organized on, so she could move it room to room.

Remember to have juices for energy - with my last birth (30 hours) they gave me a concoction of orange juice & maple syrup at the end - tasted like death, but it worked.

GL, I loved my homebirths, I hope yours goes great!
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