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Re: Daycare positives

I love day care. I am a WAHM (freelance writer) and part time community college instructor, so my mom guilts me horribly for not having DS home with me. Jeez, Mom. I was in day care too.

This is why I love day care:

1. Sam went into the second day care we chose biting other kids. He didn't bite at home usually, so it was really when he was with other kids. Now he doesn't bite at all. His DC provider is amazing with gentle discipline.

2. He's learning French and Arabic from his DC provider.

3. He's two -- and he knows many of his letters and numbers. I would have been way lazy in those regards, but she does fun letter and number games all the time.

4. He has friends there he looks forward to seeing!

5. She takes them all outside in the summer, when I probably wouldn't. I mean, it gets a million degrees outside, and she sweats it out in the morning and lets them all run around.

6. Lots more variety than I would or could provide!

7. He gets super excited when he sees mom and dad at the end of the day.

8. Every once in a while, I'll set aside a day for myself. This makes me feel like a real person. And every once in a blue moon, DH will also take the day off, and we'll go see a movie and have lunch. Happy parents = happy kids.

9. My career as a writer wouldn't have happened without day care.

10. Sometimes when working at home, I take a short nap after lunch. THE BEST.

Because of my flexible schedule, I have one day a week at home with DS (not counting weekends) and we do whatever we want.

That said, we're moving and I'll probably be a SAHM for a while. COLOR ME TERRIFIED. Preschool/day care is good for everyone.
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