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Re: Daycare positives

Originally Posted by armywife2002 View Post
the daycare that i work at is one of those chains with underpaid staff and lots of turnover, and that sucks (in their defense they do have a really awesome curriculum when they have the right teachers to implement it)... but ds and i have been there for 3 years, and he mostly really likes it. hes 5 now, and has been with some of his classmates since they were in the 2s class. when he is visiting his dad, the kids ask me about him everyday when i come to work, lol.

i love my babies (mostly im an infant/tod teacher, but ive been there so long they float me around when someone quits, cuz i know everyone )... my babies when i started are in the pre-k room now, and going to kinder next year. ive got kids that run to me in the morning, even though im not their teacher anymore, and cant leave without a hug and a kiss in the evenings. every time i walk through a room, its "hi ashley! hi, hi, hi!" parents tell me how their kids talk about me at home. my kids are the reason i'm still there, even though my boss sucks a lot of the time, and there is so much turnover and my pay stinks. i will miss them when i graduate in a couple of years and move onto a different job.
Now, I read this and I smiled a little bc the children at my daycare are just the same- but it made me sad too. I work at a large, nonprofit daycare and preschool and its absolutely wonderful there. My 2 children come to work with me and they love it too. I know that our center is not the norm in our area and I get a lot of sad stories when I tour new parents, but its obvious from your post that there are loving, caring people out there- you just have to look for them. I hope for you that you find a better place to showcase your talent where your hard work will be appreciated!
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