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Originally Posted by Kiliki

Yea, that.

I think the "support" part of shoes is a bit of a crock. Shoes are primarily to protect feet from things that you could step on. Proper foot growth and development really comes from barefoot walking, not wearing shoes.

We are barefoot 99% of the time and only wear shoes out of the house.

That said, we rely on soft-soled shoes up until about age 2-3y/o. Then I look for something with a flexible sole if I can find it.

I get lots of shoes secondhand. My parents raised me the same way yours did, OP - "Never buy used shoes!"

Now as an adult I understand the purpose of shoes better, and I know more about why being barefoot is best, and so shoes are only used when necessary, therefore, being secondhand doesn't matter b/c my kids only wear them a few hours at a time, at the most.
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