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Re: Allergies/Elecare?

Regarding the vax and what it was cultured on...I happened to read a thread on Parent's of Food Allergic kids where they were discussing vaxes and what they were cultured on. I found the DTaP and different brands with their "recipe". Only one showed being made with cow's milk. It was actually a mix of the DTaP, Hib, & Polio (I think)...sorry it's been almost 4 I called our ped and asked the brand they gave my ds. Sure enough, it was the one made with dairy. His system went nuts after having received that vax so that made a ton of sense. He is still incredibly sensitive to dairy but doesn't show anything on an allergy test so it's **just** an intolerance. Doesn't matter though. At just over 4 yo, we avoid dairy of all and any kind for him. He is lots, lots better in so many ways though, so I try not to complain about avoiding just one food
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