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howdy from MA-->VT

Hi all! I'm a first-time mama of Gus, who is now 5 months, and loving (just about) every second. I feel so fortunate to be home with him for an extended period of time, but will probably be going back to work in the next few months. Both excited about and dreading that transition...

I have been lurking on here for a while, and am now ready to explode my stash... our little Goose is SO wiggly, I don't think we can convince him to sit still long enough to do prefolds anymore! (though I am starting to get a little better at putting on his diapers on-the-go!)

Leaving our home in MA and moving up to VT in the next few months... nothing like having a LO learning to crawl/stand/walk in the MIDDLE of a move, right?!?
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