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Re: Regression...sort of?

Good ideas! I have told DH that we can't get too excited when we respond, just casually change her pants so she doesn't get a rise out of us. I can relate to the pea-sized bladder that someone mentioned, I have this problem myself! I also really like the idea of making her "sad" panties part of it...with my DD, that will either really work, or really make her laugh, and want to send a million pairs to the garage, lol (probably the latter, but worth a shot). I know it is just a phase and a matter of time, it just gets old having my laundry basket fill up with every pair of pants she owns b/c I have an apartment sized washer and dryer for one thing, and she doesn't have a ton of clothes for another. Oh, well....just one of those things, huh?!
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