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Re: Ovulation Question

Originally Posted by carriek38 View Post
Which ovary you ovulate from is totally random. Oing from one then the other for a few months is normal. Not getting pg within a month or two is not necessarily a sign that there's a blockage...the chances of getting pg any given month are 20% max, & that's including IUI.

But I have to say, it seems a bit backwards to do an IUI then the hsg

I've had a HSG a few years back alone with surgery at the same time an said no blockage an got pregnant. Back then my Left Ovary wasn't working at all an when had my surgery back then it started working but didn't have a follie big enough to ovulate from but Right Ovary did an that is the one I got pregnant from was the right.

Now I had to have more surgeries but NO HSG this time as my insurance wouldn't cover it then Right Ovary has stopped working since had the surgeries before had them my Left Ovary wasn't working an NOW it is an my Right Ovary isn't now. I don't have much longer with this doctor as HE said he will only do 3 IUI's in all an he will NOT do anymore with us. So I'm trying everything to get pregnant in the IUI part. He'll not do IVF with us.

I was hopeing to be pregnant before his time is up but not looking like it so that is WHY going to have another HSG to see if my left side is blocked this time around since couldn't do a HSG when had my surgeries done this time which IMO SUCKS...

Forgot to ADD. I had to wait a few months before doing a HSG due to insurance so had a IUI done now can get a HSG done. I've had other IUI's done before my surgeries an didn't work there is WHY had my surgeries done an found endo with one fibroid the endo was removed not the fibroid an couldn't have a HSG done that time as not covered.

Back a few years ago the insurance would cover a HSG while having surgery done but things have change so it wouldn't this time so had to wait a while on a HSG.

Hope you understand what I'm saying better an WHY no HSG until now.

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