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2,013 Items in 2013!

Hey everyone, I wanted to start a new thread for the new year.

Join in if you would like to keep track of how much clutter and excess stuff you purge from your home. Update whenever you want to, whether it be daily or after a big purge, or whenever you get the chance.

I participated last year and met (and then surpassed) the goal of getting rid of 2,012 things in 2012. I found it really motivating to keep track of the actual numbers, especially when I was feeling overwhelmed. One good purge can add 100+ items in just a few hours.

Anyone up for the challenge?

If you'd like to see the 2012 challenge, here's the link:

Even if you think you can't get that number, it will be fun to try. And it's fun to support each other, and encourage each other to reach our decluttering and simplifying goals in the new year.

This challenge will begin on January 1st. Good luck!
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2,014 items in 2014?
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