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Re: Update from the MW...lots to think about

Aww, poor mama!

I end up with SEVERE toxemia when I am pregnant. With my first I delivered at 37 weeks, after a month on bedrest. I did have to have magnesium while I delivered (high risk of seizures), but other than that, it went well. I went drug free (no epi), and had a good delivery.

With my 2nd it started much sooner. I was put on bedrest really early, and had REALLY high blood pressure. My escalated from PIH to toxemia SO fast. It's scary. I ended up delivering him a month early (on my own), again with no drugs (was on magnesium for risk of seizures again).

My body just doesn't do well being pregnant! But, I also trust my body to do what is right, which is why I think that Camden (my 2nd) came on his own, the NIGHT before I was supposed to be induced.

Keep doing what your mw tells you to do! Stay on bedrest and try to relax. Any stress can be SO bad while you have high b/p, and possible toxemia. Be really careful. Also, trust your body. I know that sounds lame, but it's so true! My doctors were well aware of the fact that I didn't want in intervention, unless absolutely necessary. My body and baby were both in a ton of distress due to the toxemia, but my body knew what to do.

Here's to a good experience for you! And please, take care of yourself and your sweet baby---in the end, that's all that matters is the safe arrival of your little one!

Good luck mama!
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