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I didn't participate via posting in 2012, but I more than surpassed the 2012 items!!! I had an entire garage full of good used items ( clothing, baby gear, household) and I had two moderately successful yard sales from it last summer...after packing away after the first sale I decided it was too much stuff to hold on to, hoping to sell. I donated ALL of it to Goodwill. I was surprised they accepted such a large donation. I generally am opposed to goodwill donations since they operate to profit, but I shop at that particular store often and they always price my items .97 rather than what the standard! So, to clothe me and my 3 kiddies, that's a huge help. :-)

Also, as of last week, I've already gotten 6 bags of donate and 2 bags of eBay items cleared out and a tremendous amount of trash!! Feels great! I'm in!
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