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Re: SEVERELY chapped lips. What to do?

Originally Posted by Christylkeller View Post
I 2nd the PP that mentioned a lanolin allergy. I can not use anything with lanolin in it as it will cause severe chapping and bleeding.

I get really awful cold sores on my lips that crack and bleed and the area if course is very swollen. I LOVE Neosporin lip therapy. It is very healing and will help keep away any infection. For everyday use, I use EOS. It is organic and makes my lips feel so nice.

Also, increasing fluid intake will help as will a humidifier at night. Most children are chronic lip lickers once they get to that awful dry, red, raw, cracked phase. Heck with just children... I lick my lips to death when they get that bad.

Good luck momma! Once you can get the healing to begin, your LO should do much better!
What is EOS and where do I get it?

No lanolin allergies here so far.. I used a wool cover with DS3 and he had no reactions. And I've used the Lansinoh on my nipples with all three boys, and no adverse affects. So I'm pretty sure we'd be ok on that front.

I didn't know Neosporin made a lip treatment. I'll look into that next time I'm at the store. Thanks!

God bless!
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