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I'm new here!

Hey ladies! My name is Beverly. I have an 18 month old and a 6 week old. Due to having two babies back to back, I am not my normal size and I'm feeling pretty down about it. I don't know where do go from here. I try to eat healthy but my DH always brings junk into the house! I just don't know HOW to lose weight. I need to start working out but that is hard to do with 2 little ones and a house to take care of. How do yall do it? I need tips & advice. What should I cut down on? What should I eat more of? I have at least 25 pounds to lose but would love to lose 30-35. Oh and btw, I am BFing and plan to for at least a year so I know I shouldn't cut down on calories, right? TIA!
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