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Re: Breastfeeding ads?

Originally Posted by Earthy Emmy View Post
Breastmilk is free and there just isn't as much money to be made.
As long as your child will latch. My son would not and I spent a ton of money on the dual electric pump, hands free pumping bra, adapter for my car, glass bottles for the freezer, steam sterilizer for glass bottles (because I really didn't want him drinking milk stored in those plastic bags!), replacement tubing for pump so I'd have an extra set clean, etc.

When I finally gave up exclusively pumping months later and switched to formula, I figured out that per month it was the same or cheaper to use formula, even with my son needing the hypoallergenic formula that is more expensive. I'm still glad I pumped for him for the antibodies and probiotics, for the time I did....but it would have been cheaper to use formula from the start, for sure. Of course, it's not about the money, it's about your child's health but when you are a new mum on mat leave with reduced income and you were budgetting for "free" breastmilk, you realize pretty quickly that Medela and those other companies make a ton of money off of what is really a very simple pump-type system + all the "accessories" you need for comfort, sterilization, and efficiency.

God, I wish I could have just whipped out a boob!
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