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Re: never learning to nurse discreetly?

Originally Posted by ulawolf View Post
If you feel she doesn't know better than say something and take whatever resp
onse she has in stride. And so what if she's not comfortable nursing in public? I rarely nurse in public. I hate it. Also I have large breasts and have to hold my breast also. Maybe she won't be able to nurse very discreetly. It sounds like she is comfortable nursing in front of you and your dh. Though I except your dh is uncomfortable? So we would be more comfortable if she was more disceet?
I'm sorry, I thought in my replies I made it quite clear that I'm concerned with how SHE feels. There's nothing wrong with if she never ever wants to NIP and would rather pump ahead of time. I wouldn't, but as long as she's providing breastmilk, I have no beef with that. I also thought I made it clear that it is SHE that doesn't like to nurse in front of others. She is not comfortable nursing in front of my DH. She IS comfortable nursing in front of me. Yes, if she were comfortable enough to whip it out and not be bothered to nurse in front of my DH, my DH would choose to look away and/or leave the room, but that is not what this thread is about.

Thank you for those that offered helpful examples of how to bring it up without shaming her or making her more insecure. A mutual friend of ours just had a super long status and fight following that by several others on the topic of nursing in public. Next time we talk, I can bring that up and see more how she feels and gage whether or not she wants tips to be able to nurse in public or nurse more discreetly. If she doesn't, that's no chip off my shoulder. Like I said, I wanted to help. If she doesn't need help, great! I'm just glad and proud she's breastfed this long.
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