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Re: Big Mama's December Support Thread

Okay, am working on cutting the soda out. Not giving it up completely for a few more days, but I didn't have any yesterday, and didn't have any today. I know I will have some tomorrow with staying up for New Years, as it's part of our thing we do. Anyway, as of Tuesday, I'm really going to push for no soda, and I'm going to start working on cutting way back on refined sugars and grains. I don't have a definite amount set yet. Starting in February, once DH leaves and it's a little easier to plan food around myself (gosh, that sounds selfish), I'll go through a cleansing type cycle so I can figure out what my body does well with and stick to clean eating.

I am going to get back on the elliptical starting this week, after taking last week off. Next week I'm going to shoot for the strength routine cycle my brother put together for me.
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