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Originally Posted by Mheagan
Hi There - Too new to PM so please contact me!

How do flannel inserts compare to hemp / microfiber? Can they be worn directly against baby's skin? Can they be used alone? or are they ment to be used as a doubler? What size are they? I have a boy so am looking for something I can fold in the front.

I'm also interested in the greenhorn (Size?)

The flannels are liners/doublers. They would add some absorbency but nothing compared to hemp and are not meant to be used alone. I don't have a lot of experience with microfiber as we only used natural fibers. They absorb quickly where as microfiber and hemp absorb slower. They don't have a size. I can measure them to get specific lengths. You could fold them if you needed as they are pretty thin.

The greenhorn inserts are both size medium. One is 3 layer, one is 2 layers.

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