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Re: Anyone else leave their childbearing up to God?

Originally Posted by sweetgrace View Post
Does anybody have some good Christian resources about this subject especially for men? My husband is having an enternal struggle within himself right now and I thought maybe if he read or listened to some testamonies he might find peace. Also maybe some key scriptures to turn to? I really love that he is praying about this and is talking with me. This is HUGE for him/us! I have to admit I have my doubts as well sometimes. I too keep wondering if our family is complete right now and how we can do so many more things with only two children. I think a biggie for us is we are really outdoorsy and are concerned that any more kids will stop our outdoor hobbies. I don't know anyone with more than 3 children let alone large families that are into the outdoors. Please continue to pray for us
One of my friends gave me "Be Fruitful And Multiply" by Nancy Campbell (Above Rubies), it has some very good points in it. I'm a firm believer in the KJV and used several different ones, but I kept my Bible with the book and looked everything up in context and in KJV to help my study. So while I felt it had a few problems, it was very encouraging. I gave my DH high lighted cliff notes, he didn't read it, but his heart was changed. He hates to read though.
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