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Re: help with sprouting...

After that ovenight/8h soak, drain the water.

Put the grains into a cloth bag/wrap it in cheese cloth or even a plain clean kitchen towel. Keep it in a bowl (so it doesnt dry out quickly), cover it with a plate (shouldnt be air tight) and leave it near your stove/someplace warm. Just warm, not hot!

The grains need air circulation and dampness. So keep checking every 4-6h if the bag/towel has gone dry- sprinkle water on the cloth/just wet & wring out the towel and put the grains back in it and cover. Sprinkling is easier!

Canadian winter may make your sprouting take a lot longer. I would say, 3 days before you see shoots. (yeah, you'll have to keep it damp all the time) Here in India-in a VERY humid coastal city, it takes 2 days to see sprouts. In summer..just 24h after soak! And I just keep it in a steel bowl with loose lid. No sprinkling/cloth. The humid air brings everything alive!
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