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Originally Posted by kbz2002
I'm definitely in. I'm hoping to sell at least most of dd's old clothes. I'm starting to put a lot of it on ebay now. I'll probably go over the 2000 mark if I do it. Last year I sorted through the craft room this year I need to focus on getting rid of the old clothes. And this year I want to minimize the amount coming into the house and focus more on quality items. Less spending for me please.
Honestly, minimalist views and purging have really helped me stop spending in general. I find I just don't want stuff anymore. It is actually nice and refreshing. The more that leaves the less I find I need. There are very few things I see myself "needing" in the next year...and I find myself reusing rather than buying (for storage for example).

We have purged a lot this past year, but I am up for 2013 in 2013!
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