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Re: 2,013 Items in 2013!

Originally Posted by deezee02 View Post
Honestly, minimalist views and purging have really helped me stop spending in general. I find I just don't want stuff anymore. It is actually nice and refreshing. The more that leaves the less I find I need. There are very few things I see myself "needing" in the next year...and I find myself reusing rather than buying (for storage for example).

We have purged a lot this past year, but I am up for 2013 in 2013!
I would love to stop in general but I have a new baby boy so I know I'll need more clothes for him at some point. for christmas we got lots of size 12 months for some reason. And I have nothing in 6/9. I am going to try to buy less clothes.

I hope to buy some clothes for me if I lose this weight. I Would really in general like to spend less money overall.

Originally Posted by Funnyfarmmomma View Post
Im so in mama's and i am beyond excited I am feeling quite suffocated by stuff and honestly don't even have that much... I would really like to be able to have days where its not just hours of cleaning/maintaining stuff that doesn't really matter!!

Looking so forward to this
That's how I feel too.
-Kathy, a WOHM mom to Victoria (11/11/07) and Lukas James (11/6/2012)!
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