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Re: Help with baby name, please!!!

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
DD2 is Kendall Isabella. I loved Isabella, but didn't want it to be the first name since it is so popular. I'd never met anyone named Kendall.

DH and I took the Social Security top 1000 names and separately each came up with our list of "tolerable" names. Then we put it on the fridge and one by one crossed stuff off. It came down to Kendall or Hailey. SIL's dog is Kailey, so we went for Kendall instead. Now that she is 21 months old, she definitely isn't a Hailey anyway. But since she has red hair, I wish we had done Penelope, which was on my list, but DH didn't like.
Just wondering, why do you wish you'd named your red head Penelope. My middle daughter has VERY red hair and when she is in the sun her hair is the color of a new penny, a true copper head, so to speak. Penelope had been on our list for her, and one day I realized "good thing we didn't name her Penny with that copper colored hair." When pregnant with my 3rd girl, we waited for her to be born and confirm she was a brunette before naming her Penelope.

Anyway, just curious your logic if you feel like sharing!
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