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You might begin offering some soft solids or purees to your preference. If you want to maintain nursing at home I would pump for every missed full feeding and send it, either in a bottle or cup. If you want him to have almond milk you'll probably have to send that. For naps, we do it our way at home (which was nursing to sleep til 1 year) and they do it their way there (started daycare at 6 months). They'll figure it out. I usually plan on spending several hours there the first day, then all going home. The second day I stay for a few hours then leave the baby there. The third day I hang around for 30 minutes to an hour, then leave baby. After that a quick drop off with an "I love you, I will be back later to get you". There will be crying, but it's ok.

Any decent provider will want to know your schedule at home, and details about what he eats. Communication is key!!
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