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Originally Posted by waterisntsomething View Post
I am hoping to get a job in the next couple months which would require me to leave DS with someone and this worries me also. At 11 months he is still mostly EBF, he just hasn't been that into food. I feel like if I do get a job though he can just eat a meal of baby food or regular food and I'll nurse him a bunch before I leave and right when I get home. The sleep thing is what I've really been worried about b/c he has to nurse to sleep with me. I've given him to MIL around nap time a couple times to test it and both times she has been able to rock him to sleep in her arms so I really feel like whoever is watching him will be able to get him to sleep....I just have to nurse him b/c he knows its there.
I feel the same way about the sleep thing, I think he will be okay. And sometimes he doesn't take a nap all day anyway and is fine. Mostly I am worried about him getting enough to eat, and I don't want to traumatize him. And I don't think I want to pump, but I still want to nurse at home. Is that possible?
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