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Re: starting daycare at 17 months

Originally Posted by adjroberts View Post
He is EBF at 9 months. He nurses to sleep for every nap. What should I do? Start giving him food? He doesn't have teeth yet. I don't know how to put him down for a nap without nursing. Will I have to pump? I would rather not pump, but will he need milk still? We don't drink milk, we drink almond milk. Would he be able to drink that? Also, he has never been away from me. Ever. How do I make the transition easier for him? Get a babysitter for a few hours? Please give me advice.
have you started looking for daycare yet? its important to raise all these concerns with the particular provider because each center or home can vary on policies.

I do think it would be best to start offering foods and a sippy cup or bottle to him. He needs to be able to take something at daycare. Some BFed babies have a harder time taking bottle or sippy at daycare (because they hold out for nursing with mom) so at least with foods, he would be at least be getting some calories and nutrition. With him still nursing, I would be prepared for him to not take much liquids at daycare and reverse cycle (meaning he will want to nurse more at home to make up for it). He may surprise you and do just fine though. You dont have to stop nursing to sleep but you do have to be prepared to allow the provider to do with they need to do to get him down for a nap. Even if you dont think he needs a nap, that doesnt mean he will be allowed to stay up. He will need to be napping or at least quiet in his crib/pnp so that other kids get their nap. That means that the provider may be able to do some rocking or soothing but the reality is that he may do some CIO/FIO at daycare. If that is not something you can live with, its important that you find a provider that can work around your preferences or you consider a nanny. You dont have to pump while you are away but you may find that you need to at some point to avoid discomfort. You will have to be prepared to provide something for your son to drink at daycare.....either pumped milk or formula. It is my understanding that almond milk is not recommended for children under 2 so you should check into that before offering anything to your son. If you offer anything besides pumped milk, give some to him at home first in case of allergic reaction. you wouldnt want him to have a bad reaction and the provider be there trying to figure out what is going on. Same thing with new foods.....always offer at home first before sending to daycare. as for the transition to daycare, you can try and do a few times with babysitters but that doesnt really mean anything. you wont know how he does at daycare till he is there. he may be fine, he may cry at drop off, he may cry all day every day for awhile till he gets used to it. the provider may allow you to bring him for some partial days to start out with but again, you need to discuss with them what they allow. also, if they allow parents to stay or what ideas they have regarded the transition.
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