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Re: starting daycare at 17 months

Originally Posted by adjroberts View Post
I feel the same way about the sleep thing, I think he will be okay. And sometimes he doesn't take a nap all day anyway and is fine. Mostly I am worried about him getting enough to eat, and I don't want to traumatize him. And I don't think I want to pump, but I still want to nurse at home. Is that possible?
he should be fine at daycare. most kids can adjust and its usually the moms that have the hardest time with it. you can continue to nurse at home even if you dont pump but it can be challenging. it just depends on how long your work day is. if your son eats every 4 hours at home, for instance, then by 4 hours at work, you will be feeling the need to pump or express to get some relief. if for some reason you hold out and do not pump, then your body will adjust and eventually make less milk but there is always the risk that your milk supply drops too much and you dry up. i think you should plan on pumping unless you have very short shifts at work and your son is only at daycare part time. if you are a traditional 8 to 5 job, you should plan on pumping.
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