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How much do you pay your Nanny?

We have had a Nanny since Oct. when I started working full time. She cares for our 2 boys M-T from 7am to 6pm. We pay $13/hr. She transports our oldest to and from school in our car, which she can use for whatever she needs while caring for our kids. We give her paid holidays 10 per year and 5 personal days. Our schedule is pretty regular but we provide her with a calender 1 month in advance. Over half of my salary goes to our Nanny.

At the beginning of December we gave her a schedule for the month and explained that we would be taking a week off around Christmas and she would not be paid for those days. We would still pay her for Christmas Day as it is a paid holiday. She said that was fine, didn't ask any questions, etc. This AM she came early to discuss not getting paid for that time. It was 3 days total and we let her know well in advance. We do not have a written contract with her but have gone over this before.

I am not really sure what to do but this is driving me crazy at work today. We have had a couple of other issues with her, like she got a speeding ticket in our car with our kids. And I came home one day to ALL of my china teacups ,about, 50 of them sitting on the table because my boys removed them from the hutch. It must have taken some time so where was our Nanny? Help!
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