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Originally Posted by waterisntsomething View Post

I've never had luck pumping. I tried when he was an infant and could never get much and now he won't take a bottle. He's kind of figuring out the sippy cup and worst case you can feed with a regular cup. I think the biggest thing is if you trust your childcare. I'm totally nervous about leaving him..I actually had a job offer a month or two ago I ended up not taking b/c I didn't feel ready to leave him but as he gets older I really am starting to feel like it will be harder on me than on him. I've left him for a couple hours before to go grocery shopping and he does fine. Plus by 17 months your DS will probably be eating plenty of food and you can give him cows milk (or whatever you choose) at that point if it's really a matter of him being hungry. Can you tell I'm trying to convince myself too . It's so hard to leav them!
Lol! It is so hard! I know I am going to be a mess, I get panicky even thinking about it. Hence why he hasn't ever left my sight. Lol
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