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Re: How much do you pay your Nanny?

We pay ours about that --

I try not to put her in a situation where she is going a week without pay. I get vacation time when I am gone, I try to share with her. Like she was off all Christmas week, today, tomorrow, and the Friday before -- she knew about many days in advance. I will pay her as close to her normal wages as I can afford (I didn't get to use all vacation days for my time off) and we just even it out later, like in the summer.

Nannies (our kids insist they are too old for a nanny so she is a "house manager now, lol) get paid little, and can very well be living pay check to pay check. It can be really hard to have a week off without pay, especially around Christmas time.

Since you told her ahead of time, I'd stick to normal agreement, but in the future, I wouldn't expect it out of her, or whoever replaces her.
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