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Re: HS Check in. Dec 31-Jan 13

Originally Posted by Psychomom View Post
We are working over here, only because my daughter is a slacker!! About a month ago, she was so far behind in math I gave her the option to extend her school year to work through or to work extra to get caught up. She chose the latter.

So I made a revised schedule for her just for math. Rather than doing 4-5 lessons per week, she was to do 10 lessons per week (ideally 2 per day) and be caught up by winter break. But then she messed that up. So I revised her schedule again by having her do math 6 days a week. Then she messed that up. I am seriously sick of it. The week before break, on Tuesday I made her stay home from her volunteer "job" because she didn't get her assignments done Monday. I told her she would not go to her 3 hours of dance classes that night if she didn't get her work done. She did it. Then on Wednesday, I said she couldn't go to her tumbling class if she didn't get her work done. She did it. Then on Thursday and Friday, she decided not to do anything at all since there was nothing I could take from her! Freaking teenagers, man! (BTW, I work nearly full-time and I work 12 hour days on Thursdays so I can't micro manage her like she's proving she needs.) By that Sunday, she was an entire week behind AGAIN.

She whined and complained that it's hard for her to do school when everyone else gets a break. Her siblings attend year round school so they frequently get a week off. I originally made her lesson plans so that she would have the same weeks off, but since she was lazy to begin with, now she works through the breaks.

Since she's homeschooled, it's not the end of the world to do this, I know. But I am trying to teach her a little something about deadlines and responsibility. At this point I don't know that she will, but she does desire to go to college. This kind of work ethic won't fly. And it won't work in the real world when she tries to get a job.

BESIDES ALL THAT MESS...she really doesn't like her English program. We are using Oak Meadow English 9. I think it's great and I really don't know what else to do. I've spent the past several days researching other options but I haven't found one yet. I really had hoped to have something chosen by now.
What are you using for math? My oldest was really behind in math and we finally have caught up but it has taken 2 years and technically we are still 6 months behind- but she is in 8th grade and it'll be fine. We switched to teaching textbooks which has made it easy to keep track of and has made it easy for her to keep up and catch up. Just this year she was able to get all of 7th grade math done in 1 semester- I AM VERY PROUD!
Also I am not sure what your schedule is but if you could arrange her school schedule for when you are home even if its not normal "school hours" that may also help? I thought your idea of having her on the same rotation as the year round kids is a good idea but it does make it hard if she is not working- I'd suggest making her world very very small. again not knowing her age its hard but if she is old enough to be home alone I am guessing she is somewhere in the tween/teen age. No phone, tv, computer, nothing unless school work is done. She earns those things. Say if computer is important for her then for every math lesson she does she earns 10 minutes of computer time. So on and so forth. Its hard if you are not there to enforce everything but if she cant be responsible with school work then shes not resposnible and doesnt get the privileged of other things.
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