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Originally Posted by keen1981
I agree. Weaning was the very first step for me. Before they could get a grip on what my body was doing in its natural state/ I had to let it BE in its natural state. To be honest, it made sense to me. If I wanted medical help, how could I consider even asking if I myself was causing the fluxes. Breastfeeding in some women naturally delays everything. For me/ having children changed me- forever. I don't know if I will every cycle regularly. But I had to wean to discover that,
This does make sense. thanks all!

Weight wise, I'm thinner than I've ever been - 10 lb below my pre-preg weight and exactly normal (used to be on high side of normal). I used vitex and b complex to encourage AF, but I'm really bad at taking vitamins. My LP is 8-9 days, just a few short of whats normal, so progesterone cream could work. I'm super healthy, I just know it's related to BFing. Which kinda sucks, but I'm not going to jeopardize my current baby for a potential baby.

So it looks like we're giving up on TTC for now. Back to NTNP and letting natural child spacing take over.
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