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Re: Help! I can't make a decision regarding supplimenting

We were kinda in this boat with DD- she was born at 9# 3oz, and by day 5 had lost 15 ounces, despite my milk coming in at 24 hours, and her nursing around the clock (with audible swallowing).

They wanted me to supplement in the hospital, but I refused unless it was with my milk.

She was slow to gain as well, and we did wt checks- until she finally regained her birth weight at close to 4 weeks old- her pedi suspects her true birth weight was inflated by the extra fluids I was drinking just prior to delivery (low amniotic fluid) as well as fluids during my c/s- she has never had formula to this day- and once she got past the slow start, she gained well- and is now a hefty 24 pounds at 9.5 months!

So, personally, I would not give formula just yet- you are doing the right thing by watching the baby and not the numbers.

Also keep in mind- the 1 pound of weight loss is probably not accurate- unless she is being weighed on the same scale as when she was delivered!
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