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Re: How much do you pay your Nanny?

She brought up the money again this evening and that she has bills, because she lost her phone and has to pay for the speeding ticket that she got in our car while driving our kids around. She also said that we never told her she wouldn't get, which isn't true because wegave her a calendar with it writtenon it and when over it. She never questioned it or seemed concerned. I thought we made it very clear. When we were looking to hire someone we were offering $11/hr but we thought she was really good so when she said she needed 13/hr we agreed. We can' t really afford her.
This came up shortly after started when we didn' t pay her for Columbus Day. We worked it out and agreed to pay Federal holidays. I never had a nanny before and when I worked as a Nanny for 1 year, I was never paid when I didn't work. We added the personal days because we figure that was good to
Wwe don' t really take much vacation so this won' t come up again soon, but my husband is pissed. HEe wants to find someone else. I know that she is not living paycheck to paycheck. Her husband works full time and she has told me that she puts 3/4 of her check into savings. I kinda think we are
on differnt wavelengths. Do you think there is middle ground or should I be looking for a new childcare arrangement
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