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Originally Posted by MandaMommy2 View Post
So I drank a magic hat stout last night and it was gross but I think it really helped my milk supply. Plus my pee smells like maple syrup so the fenugreek must be working. However we went to the pediatrician today and she was down 3 oz in a week, but they've been weighing her on a triple beam scale the last two times and I don't know how accurate it is. She is up a pound overall for the month so thats good, but im still worried. The doctor thinks that the baby is just having a hard time getting over a stomach bug because she's refusing to eat and has been having smelly green poopies. I was told to just keep doing what I'm doing and bring her back in ten days for her four month check up and hopefully her weight will be up. I was also told to start giving her a half packet of children's probiotic a day mixed with some applesauce. Until now she's only ever had breast milk. I had intended to hold off on solids until 6 months but she seemed to like it. I though you were supposed to start on rice cereal though, but the head doctor who owns the practice told me to do it so I did. She's just been so unhappy and cries a lot. Maybe it's more good allergies? I'm not going anywhere for the next two days so I'm just going to stay home to take care of her and pump.
I dont think applesauce is a good idea for a 3.5 month old. Someone correct me if im wrong but I believe if you take probitics it will get transferred to her. Also the brewers yeast in beer can upset babies. Rice cereal use to be the starting food. A lot of moms now avoid it. It really doesnt have any nutritional value.
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