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Re: Help! I can't make a decision regarding supplimenting

This is going to sound like a strange question, but when you were in labor, were you on IV fluids?

From what my midwifes were telling me when I had DD2, it's not unusual for babies who's moms were on IV fluids to have an excessively inflated birth weight, and then lose a lot in the first day-ish of life. So if that's the case, I wouldn't worry about the weight loss, or about her hitting her birthweight right away. It's something they're seeing more and more of late, and they're currently doing some studies on it, but it seems like with babies who's moms had a lot of fluids during labor their 24 hour weight is probably more accurate than a weight taken directly after birth.

So if we can discard that, I wouldn't worry. Baby *is* gaining, just not really quickly, and all other signs point to a healthy baby. Unless she stops gaining or starts losing, I'd just keep on keeping on, KWIM? Both my LOs were slow starters with weight gain, but then took off. Yours can too.

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