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Jan. Farm/Homesteading Chat Thread

Happy New Year! How long will it take you to write 2013 instead of 12? haha.

So I thought it'd be fun to share our Country Boys' favorite meal/dessert and post the recipes! When DH gets home, I need to ask him... he eats about anything and so I have no clue what he would consider his favorite! As you can tell, I need some meal inspiration...

Missc- Sorry about your sewing machine! Quilted placemats sound lovely. This year, I'm determined to make more for my home. I got a hope chest when I was 14 and filled it with some stuff, but not enough. I wish I would have squirreled more homemade items away and didn't give most of it during my teen years (aka: the season in life when you have time to pee by yourself and sew all day!) ANyway, you should join the January Use Your Stash Game in the craft forum!!! I just joined it... never done it before, but sounds fun.
Congrats on your mudroom! Pictures! And no sight words yet. Captain Obvious is having trouble blending... I think I'm going to stop teaching the blending and give him a few more months and then try again. I can tell he is wanting to do it, but he's just not there, mentally, yet. SO it's getting frustrating for him and for me, and so it's time for a break. Every homeschool mama I talk to says it gets so much easier and something clicks in their brain at 6 years old; so I'm not sweating it. He loves everything else and so we will continue with writing, science, Bible, etc.
Is your little guy having a big developmental leap? I remember with the kids, if they make strides in one area, they regress in another (and it was usually sleep!). We gleaned some off of Babywise... ran with some parts and left others. It worked pretty good for all 4, but it's midnight and as I type, Baby Girl is chattering away in her pack n play by our bed... she's started walking full time now and so guess what area she regressed in???? haha. So maybe I shouldn't say anything, but to offer you sanity That icon is what I feel like in the day now!

-Nothing crazy going on this week. Probably won't see much of DH as he's pretty pulled between his parents and the farm. He doesn't even have time to read Farm and Dairy, which I bought for him for Christmas... I've been reading them though and learning! So that's fun. Rosie's production is so low and so I have not had extra milk to make into butter and cheese, and I'm sad! We let BamBam go dry until her next calf is born. Rosie has a bad teat (did since we bought her, we think it was chronic and they did not tell us that) and she DH only milks her out of 3, but we should still be getting more than we are. DH is putting some high content meal in her along with hay, so we'll see if that helps. I wish I was more involved and could add my two cents, but I have no clue... we are selling her come time BamBam freshens! At least we got a jersey heifer out of her! So that will leave us with 2 jerseys and 1 holstein (one not milking age for another 1-1/2 years though).

Okay, hope you ladies have a wonderful week!
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