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Re: 3 year old discipline and sleep problems

Originally Posted by aylasmommy View Post
I think this has been my hardest struggle. Being this preggo, having Ayla home for winter break, trying to keep the house in order, prepping for the home birth. My positivity is lacking as is my patience.
Personally, when I am at my wits end, I find taking a breather is so worth it.

My DD is 2.5 and has been exhibiting the same issues you are asking about since she turned 2. When she gets to be a handful, I put her in her room with music or a movie. It is something I have always done. I call it quiet time. Sometimes we both need a moment to focus. It sure does help with the return of my patience. Chose whatever method works best for you, but take the time to catch your breath. Doing that is just as important as feeding your child. Being the best you you can be cannot be understated as a value.

Someone asked about tips for getting a child to go from the crib (or your bed) to their own bed. Even though we are AP parents and we co-slept, I highly recommend making the switch early. Our LOs are close together so DS had to move to his own bed early to make room for co-sleeping with DD. We just didn't think we could have two kids in our bed safely.

We started moving him over at 6mos thinking he'd take a while to like the idea. Turns out he loved it. I was so sad. I wasn't expecting to lose him to his own bed until he was closer to 1yr, but there was no going back when he suddenly was mostly STTN once he was in his own bed.

DD moved over at 10mos and she took to it just fine. She was happy to share a room with her brother. She loved it.

There is something to be said about doing it before they develop a firm sense of what they want. It may be too late for most people here, but maybe somebody will read this and start earlier too. I highly recommend it. Though for us, we got two full sized beds off of Freecycle so the transition was even easier in that we could sleep with them in their beds when we needed to. They never had those toddler beds and my back thanks us for it.

As for the picky eating, just know your child will never starve herself. Don't worry if she eats a good meal at one moment, and then practically nothing at the next. It seems to be what 2-3yos do. Good luck with withholding food she loves until she eats food you want her to eat. If she is anything like mine, she'll gladly turn you down. Mine couldn't care less if they don't get something they want as long as they don't have to be bothered with what they don't want. Some days the fight is worth, but for most it's not.

Good luck. This phase will pass soon enough.
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