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Re: starting daycare at 17 months

Originally Posted by escapethevillage View Post
I suggest choosing a provider who makes you feel comfortable leaving him. Then, try to leave him there every now and then starting now (for mornings only). Nine months is a hard age, they are definitely Mama's babies by then. Some kids though, are so social that they love to go to daycare to play.

Mornings are always much easier than afternoons. Kids do awesome, then sometimes have a hard time at the afternoon nap. Then, that's all they remember later. Nap. Not that they had fun the rest of the day, just nap.

So, if you can, try dropping him off at the daycare for a few hours in the morning. Once a week would be great if you can. Try to enjoy your time to yourself, then pick him up before lunch or right after lunch.

good advice!

This is a big question Both my kids have been in daycare from 4 months on- the good part is that they love playing with their friends.

I'm very nervous to change daycares even though I think it will be best for our situation. I've made a few visits at random times, with and without children, and always have a short list of questions-- I will be calling the director as well (all as she has suggested, a plus in my book)

I would suggest pumping (this is what I did) but if you don't want to, I personally would add formula during the day because I think they need the nutrition. I add food as I would if I stayed at home with them-- never more to push-- since its just about learning for the first 12 months. I'd be very stressed and think my kids would be stressed to change another variable when starting something as big as daycare. (But when I feel good about it, I have daycare give food so I have more nursing time and therefore, less pumping time!) Kids really pick up their eating habits very differently. I keep offering food until they stop eating. Baby led weaning worked well for my son-- we started at 6 months. My DD didn't have teeth until after 15 months-- she didn't take off eating until after 12 months, but the lack of teeth did not slow her down! I offer food until they stop eating, but don't encourage them to eat "just one more bite" with the hopes that this will teach them to just eat what they need. I've just gotten lucky with their eating- we offer healthy, they seem to love it. I know many friends of mine who really try and struggle with this.

I have to stress this is only my opinion and my experience. Every single child is different.
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