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Re: TTC While Breastfeeding. New Year, Fresh Start!

Good morning ladies!!!! Im at work bright and early today hoping the time flies by. Though we are very slow, so Im not counting on it.

Sherrill- You need to test again and post pics! You could be our first of the new year!

Welcome Kyonari!

AFM- Jonah (ds2) is NOT sleeping at night unless he is being held. If I wake up to pee, he is wide awake crying. Wearing me out. I need to do sleep training, but it is hard. I don't do CIO, that is just a disaster for us. Any suggestions for us? I don't want my dh to have to really do the work. I am home and he works, so I feel like he should sleep because I can always take a nap the next day if its a bad night.
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