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Spotting vs Flow & Should I Test?

This has been the cycle from heck

A little background over the past month and then some:

I ran out of ovulation tests waiting to O but Fertility Friend picked up my O date on CD29 (12/14). My temps stayed relatively low all month, but high enough to indicate that I probably did O. I have an 8-10 day LP (have since I started charting) and this month I got to CD43 (or 14dpo) before I started experiencing spotting. It was brown spotting for 2 days (giving me a 16 day LP this month), then on 12/30 I started getting globs of EWCM streaked with very dark red. I had marked it as light flow indicating my next cycle had started, but it never became more than a wipe and a few drops on a pantyliner. It was more mucus than flow. Yesterday was the dame thing. A little more blood, but still no more than a few drops on a pantyliner through the whole day. I woke up this morning to nothing but a huge glob of mucus streaked with a little brown.

So my first question is, do I mark the 30th and 31st as spotting? My next question is, is it possible that this is implantation bleeding? I don't remember what it was like with DS. If it lasted a few days, or what. All I remember is brown spotting, which isn't helpful right now lol. Also, is it possible the spotting means I had an anovulatory cycle this month? So, if anyone has any input, it's greatly appreciated!

Here's a link to the charts. Not sure if I should change the 2 days of light flow to spotting though:
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