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Re: darn, i just cant stay out of ER....

nope, no check. the triage nurse didnt check me, she didnt even send an on call doc or my doc to check me. she called my doc and my "ligament pains" dont need to be checked.... yeah well i hope these are ligament pains because if not im going to be super angry. My doula, i emailed her and asked and she said that a check couldnt of really told them if i had a placenta issue... so she pretty much agreed with the nurse and OB.... the doula also told me to look up signs of placenta abruption and previa. Well i did (as if ya know ive never had either before, *rolls eyes*) and theres nothing that says you have to have XYZ to have either one. i called my mom today and told her and she agreed that shed be angry too and NOT to go back to that hospital. i didnt call the OB today... i am going to wait til my appt-- only a few more days and then im going to complain to my hearts content.LOL.

Yes mr ob- so howd that placenta look at the big u/s?
so about that ER trip, why wasnt i checked due to my history?
so when can i have another u/s?
oh yes and Mr.OB i will not be doing your glucose test you think im doing today and i will not be delivering at Mercy fairfield.

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