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Re: The 25lb Challenge January thread

I'm joining, but I am not comfortable posting my weight. Not because I don't want you guys to know, but I think I have IRL stalkers so I don't like to post too much info. Can I do a different format? Like:
Goal: 40 pounds
+/-: xx lbs

I did Crossfit from July-November and while I got very strong and somewhat toned, I didn't lose a single pound, if you can believe it. I stopped going because the only time I could fit into my schedule was 5am, then I ended up doubling my hours at work, it's a busy time of the year, etc., etc., and I couldn't do the early morning thing anymore. My fave Crossfit guy is starting his own program tomorrow and I'm going with him! My goal is to work out a minimum of 4 days a week. I really need to change my diet but like most people, I'm horrible at that.

Originally Posted by l_Kimmie_l View Post
I ate Chinese last night and lost a pound. I am down 137.3 today! I do not know why I always lose with Chinese but I swear I should eat it more often...LOL!
I wish I had that problem, lol! I love Chinese food but I don't think I'm lucky enough to experience a loss after eating it.

Originally Posted by KiltedKingdom View Post
I'm in the middle of a detox, so I'm supposed to lose several pounds all at once, it won't last very long. And I'm determined not to sabotage my efforts once the cleanse is done. I really need to kick this sugar addiction.
Great job! I'm very interested to know what detox plan you are using. I want to do one but don't know where to start.
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