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Re: TTC While Breastfeeding. New Year, Fresh Start!

Kyonarai-Welcome! Your a champ for pumping. I think it must have something to do with the pump, but I SUCK at pumping. I had a Medela hand held that I used when the babies are newborns and I have an oversupply and HAVE to pump to get some relief. However, I can ONLY get milk when I'm nursing on the other side, otherwise I NEVER get a let down! I'm TTC with one tube, so it gets frustrating because if I O from the wrong Ovary, there is no tube to catch the egg. But I've gotten pregnant 2x now since my tubal rupture. FX your stay here is short!

Sherrill-I think every time is different. When I was BF'ing #2 and #3, my cycles returned 6mpp and then every 33ish days after. However, now with this baby, cycles returned again at 6mpp, but they are every 60 days! I've read that the first period is a "warning" bleed, and most of the time anovulatory, then for the next few cycles, you can have a short LP (I did) that will eventually work itself out. My LP did get 4 days longer than last cycle, but I'm still O'ing in the CD 50's! I say test because you NEVER know!

Abby-DD (10m) is having some sleep regression issues right now. She went from full blown STTN since 2wks in her own bed, to having to sleep RIGHT.NEXT.TO.ME and nursing often. I'm a zombie right now! DH works and I stay home, but I'm useless if I'm tired! I have him help sometimes when I get over frustrated with her.

It's actually nice out today so we are gonna take the kids to the park and run of their energy. It's been raining and the parks were probably soaked, but it should be good by now.

Anyone have some new years resolutions? Mine are to spend money on myself. DH will give me money and I'll take the kids to buy something. So, I'm gonna start getting myself some nice kitchen pans. With my growing family I need to get some stuff that I can actually cook the meal in ONE pan! I want kitchen aid, new coffee pot (I have the $10 cheapie from walmart and the bottom is literally burning off), dutch oven, food processor, and bigger pans.
Still haven't heard from the couch company when they are gonna delivery our couches. I'm excited for it!!!!
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