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Re: How much do you pay your Nanny?

Originally Posted by Sarai* View Post
If you are spelling things out, and she is ignoring them, and acting like the conversation never happened earlier, that is a red flag to me. If she agreed to it, and is backing out, I wouldn't like that. There is no middle ground for "I will ignore what you tell me".

But the next person I hire, I would try to work something else out. We've done half pay for missed days, like one of the three times in a few years she was ill. Doesn't have to be all or nothing.

I'm leaning towards this. I'd love to get a nanny (but to save me time... the kids like playing with others) but this is the stuff I'd worry about- also their sick time-- essential, but I wouldn't know what to do about back up. I live in the same general area and nannies are so expensive.

What did she say about the china? Does sound like she's not listening about days off... that makes me think (justified or not) that she's not following what I ask (I had this situation in daycare once). That's part of the job description and I think you can find someone more suited to the job.
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