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Re: January 2013 Chat Thread

Originally Posted by Haleybailey View Post
A MONTH??? Thats crazy!!! What's the difference between Angels and the county? Besides only taking one child? In SD are the foster parents reaponsible for transportation to visits? Do they have any rules about bumpers? We have a whole crib set with a bumper and was wondering if we could even use it. It's super cute We have a cradle that will be in our room until they're sleeping through the night. Also planning on getting a travel swing and a booster high chair. We already have a bouncer and a PAC n play. Thank you all for answering my million questions! I am so excited!!
Yeah, a month is definitely crazy! I think I read that they do the classes in ONE WEEK!!!

With the agency, you are definitely going to go a lot quicker than through the county. I hear it takes a LONG time with the county. Also, I have heard that the county workers sometimes will manipulate you & such. With an agency such as Angels or Koinonia, the workers dont do that. And they are available to you in a way that the county workers aren't. When we went through training with Koinonia there was actually a county social worker getting licensed to foster through them- she said that she always preferred placing kids through Koinonia instead of the county.

The foster family is required to transport to visitation, so be sure not to take a placement that is too far away. We made that mistake once, and the baby had NUMEROUS visitations a week, we spent more than we got from the county on gas alone while we had him!
No one ever said anything about bumpers in our classes, so its probably fine.
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