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Re: Anyone else planning a free birth??

I'm not a January mama (we are due in early February) but if she comes when my other 2 did at 38 weeks or earlier it'll put us in January. Anyways, we are planning our second home water birth. DD was born in a small birth center. The first 2 I've had our midwife and her assistant. We had a midwife we like and her assistant was great the first time but the second was not a good match for us and not my cup of tea. She really likes to always have an assistant but we were ready for just one person this time (especially since she still has the second assistant) so we are using a different midwife (we her) and it's just going to be her. I've had UC cross my mind with both my other pregnancies but with DD we had a fluke complication arise afterward (partially retained placenta) that we would never have known how to deal with ourselves. I ended up needing pitocin to try to help get it out, a manual extraction, and a shot to help stop the bleeding after. I lost 6 cups of blood and was than anemic. I personally like knowing I have someone there who knows what to do in these situations. I just know things can happen out of nowhere for no apparent reason. I feel that I am doing the best thing to protect myself and baby from unseen complications that could turn bad quickly by having a knowledgeable midwife there. I am comfortable knowing we are doing what we need to to have a healthy mama and a healthy baby at the end. To each their own with what they feel comfortable doing but this is the best decision for us
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