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Re: TTC While Breastfeeding. New Year, Fresh Start!

Originally Posted by trying4more View Post
Kyonarai-Welcome! Your a champ for pumping. I think it must have something to do with the pump, but I SUCK at pumping. I had a Medela hand held that I used when the babies are newborns and I have an oversupply and HAVE to pump to get some relief. However, I can ONLY get milk when I'm nursing on the other side, otherwise I NEVER get a let down! I'm TTC with one tube, so it gets frustrating because if I O from the wrong Ovary, there is no tube to catch the egg. But I've gotten pregnant 2x now since my tubal rupture. FX your stay here is short!
I've been pumping from day one, my dd was a preemie and I ended up with an emergency C after my blood pressure kept dropping to almost nothing during labor and I passed out. The nurses gave dd formula right away since she was so tiny, and by the time I was aware enough to try the SnS she was already accustomed to the bottle. I tried for four months to wean her onto the breast, but I never did have any luck with it, and then she refused to nurse all together. So I'm still pumping for at least 30 minutes every 3 hours all day. The longest I go without pumping is usually from about 3am to anywhere between 8 and 11am when I wake up. I swear that unless I am somehow incapacitated(hoping for a VBAC this next time), I am going to gut any nurse that even looks at my baby with a bottle in their hands. I know I've got milk this time around. I was up pumping like a mad woman every two hours after my c section, even while my doctors were freaking out and telling me to lay down because of my crazy high blood pressure. The nurses in the nursery were amazed because they'd never seen anyone pump so much colostrum at a time.
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